Our "Beat The Court" System is the original!

You can do what over 4,200 of our clients who have used Beat The Court's simple 3-step process to have your ticket totally dismissed...Gone...NO Fines, NO School, NO Points. They simply sent in the prepared paperwork from Beat The Court, and have the tickets dismissed... GUARANTEED!

Beat The Court brings you over 15 years worth of legal research, documentation, and in-the-courtroom battles.

Whether it's a simple traffic ticket or something more serious, you can win your case. Just order 

You now have a choice, OR!
  • •You can just pay the ticket....
    •Watch the points go up against your license!
    •Watch your insurance payments go up!
    •Pay the fine; attend traffic school for another fee!
    •Give your money away to the court for no reason!
    •Get one step closer to losing your license!

Better Than a Lawyer!
    •Traffic TIckets
    •Suspended License (Whoops)
    •NO Insurance 
    •No Registration

Bonus Package!
  • #1 Suspended License Package
    #2 DUI / DWI Package
    #3 "Right to Travel" Package
    #4 "Know Your Constitution - Carl Miller
    #5 Never Talk to the Police 
    #6 What YOU should Never say to the Police!