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When You Get A Ticket

You Now Have A Choice...

  • You can just pay the ticket....

  • Watch the points go up against your license...

  • Watch your insurance payments go up...

  • Pay the fine AND attend traffic school for another fee...

  • Get one step closer to losing your license...


You can do what over 4,200  of our clients who have used Beat The Court's simple 3-step process to have your ticket totally dismissed...Gone...NO Fines, NO School, NO Points.

They simply sent in the prepared paperwork from Beat The Court, and have the tickets dismissed... GUARANTEED!

Better Than A Lawyer -

~ 98% Win Rate...

~ 100% Money Back Guarantee...

We will help you with:

·       Traffic Tickets...

·       Driving on Suspended License

·       DUI

·       No Registration 

·       No Insurance

Beat The Court brings you over 15 years worth of legal research, documentation, and in-the-courtroom battles.

Whether it's a simple traffic ticket or something more serious, you can win your case. Just order


Here's what you will to learn in this report:

  • How to beat every ticket every time...

  • 5 things you should NEVER SAY when pulled over...

  • How to talk your way out of most tickets...

  • 4 MAGIC WORDS That will call them off every time...

  • How to not be the witness against yourself...

  • Why you should never submit to a roadside test...

The "COP AND COURT REPORT" includes the following:

  Traffic Ticket Package

If you have a simple traffic ticket, Beat The Court provides you with some easy-to-fill-out forms and documents which you simply send in before your date of appearance.

Then when you show up in court, the court reviews the forms and documents, and the judge has no choice other than to dismiss your case.

                                                                           Reg. Price $75.00


With "Beat The Court . Com ", you never have to worry again about traffic tickets, fines, traffic school, or having your insurance jacked up...


Order Now, Save Over 50% Off The Ticket Package, and Receive 6 Bonus Packages worth Over $700....FREE!

  Bonus #1

Suspended License Package

FORMAT: Word and PDF Documents

If you have had your license suspended, Beat The Court provides you with documentation, all law and court decisions proving that you have the absolute right to travel in your private vehicle without legally needing a license, backed up by the highest court in the country.                                                                                                  Reg. Price $95.00

  Bonus #2

DUI / DWI Defense Package

FORMAT: Word and PDF Documents

The key to winning in this type of traffic violation starts BEFORE You are pulled over.  The secret is in what you do and say when pulled over by the police.

This is the point where almost all the people who get charged with DUI / DWI lose their case...They lose their case right there on the side of the road.  The courtroom procedures are simply a legal formality they go through before sentencing.

Our DUI / DWI package, along with our Right-To-Travel Package goes step-by-step into not only what to say and so when pulled over, but more importantly WHAT NOT TO DO!

You'll learn how the very first thing almost everybody does when pulled over is the worst thing you can do...And you'll learn how to avoid it, and what you should do to put all the odds in your favor, and how to follow through if you do get arrested.        Reg. Price $125

Bonus #3

 The Complete "Right To Travel Package"
Actual Court Documents And Many Supreme Court Decisions
FORMAT: Word and PDF Documents

     This has been one of our most popular packages.  For those who have had their license suspended or revoked, but still need to drive, those who want to throw away their license and tags, and for those just interested in the true law vs. what they push upon us.

     This package includes all the  forms, court documents, and Supreme Court Rulings, documents and legal research which clearly proves you can actually drive your car without need of a license or registration. 

     This is the complete package that Charlie Sprinkle, Al Eggert, and Ed Quigley, leaders of the freedom to travel movement,  and many others who have brought the Highway Patrol and D.M.V.  to their knees and won in the courts.                                             Reg. Price $195.00


Our Popular "Know Your Constitution" - Carl Miller
2 - Set video
FORMAT:  Video

     Carl Miller is one of the foremost experts on the U S Constitution and our Constitutional Rights in this country.

     In these videos Carl shares with you everything it has taken him over 19 years to research and perfect.  Carl gives you point-by-point understanding of the law, and word-for-word "scripts" you can use in almost any circumstance, including:

  • Traffic Stops...
    • What you should NEVER say when pulled over...
  • Traffic Court...
    • How to handle the judge in any circumstance...
    • How to address the law and maintain your rights.
  • Driving without license / license Plates / Insurance...
    • How to prove you aren’t required to have them...
  • Practicing Law Without License...
    • Carl shows absolute proof there is no such thing as a license to practice law...
  • Drug Testing...
    • Why they cannot force you to take one…
    • How to respond if they do...

     Carl shows you word-for-word how to beat the cops and the courts every time, using the smartest and most perfect arguments and rulings I have ever seen...  Reg. Price $150.00

  BONUS #5

Regent Law School's Professor James Duane
"Never Talk To The Police"

     Professor James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School, explains to you why you should never say anything to the police.

     "They try to act like your friend, they say they are trying to help you, they threaten you, and will do anything else to get you to admit something - anything - that they can use against you," says the Professor.

    "You need to know exactly how to respond to them if you are going to preserve your rights."

     Professor Duane goes over exactly what you should or should not say whatever the circumstance.                                                                                      Reg. Price $97.00


Police Officer George Bruch
What YOU SHOULD NEVER  SAY to the police

     George Bruch is a long-time police officer at the Virginia Beach Police Department.

     In this video Officer Bruch exposes all the tricks and techniques the cops use to try to trip you up, hoping to gather something they can use against you.

     They try to trick you and intimidate you into giving up all your rights, including the right to NOT incriminate yourself, your right to an attorney before questioning, your right to privacy against warrantless searches or probable cause, etc....

     Officer Bruch shows you how to protect yourself against these illegal practices and tricks, and will show you what to do instead.                                                          Reg. Price $97.00



"Over 4,200 Americans have beat the court and had their tickets totally dismissed with our guaranteed ticket defense package…At the regular price of $75"



        All 6 Special Bonus Packages

Valued at OVER $700!

Study These Bonus Packages And You Will Know More About Constitutional Law, Your Rights As An American, And Court Procedure, Than 90% Of The Traffic Court Lawyers Out There...

Beat The Court Guarantee:

If you use the Beat The Court Documents to fight any traffic ticket, follow the simple directions, and you fail to have your case totally dismissed, Beat The Court will refund your entire $39, and you may keep all of the $700+ worth of Bonus Material.

     J R Butler

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The Cop And Court Report

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     J R Butler

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