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August 2nd, 2015 Latest Updates

The August Law Dawg Reporter is finally out!  Download now! 


Our Special Crazy Promotion continues!  Not sure how much more we can do this.  

Get both The Best Carl Miller and Traffic Ticket Package for $19.95 for a few more days!


Traffic Ticket Package

Do what over 7,000 of our clients have done with the Beat The Court Traffic Ticket Package. This simple 3-step process will have you on the way to a ticket dismissal. No Fines, School, or Points, they're Gone! 

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Best of Carl Miller

The Best of Carl Miller

Over 5 hours of Carl Millers Best MP3's Completely downloadable, including a free, RARE Bonus interview that is seldom heard!  You will also receive additional free bonus material.

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Stop the Collections!

The simplest and most complete way to get Collection Agents off your back. Don't take their bullying, you have rights as a consumer. Remember, they are NOT there to help you.

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